How to use this app

Welcome to Drunkalyzer! With this app you can keep track of your drinks, blood alcohol, and nutrition. Simply add drinks as you start them try to stay as close to 0.06% — the Optimal Buzz.

Before you can add any drinks, it's necessary to set up your profile. This information is used to estimate the speed at which you absorb and eliminate alcohol. To set up your profile, tap "Profile" on the main screen.

After your profile is set up, you can start adding drinks. Press "Add Drink" on the main screen to bring up the drinks screen. On the drinks screen, you can choose a preset drink or create a custom drink.

The drinks screen also lets you set your hunger level and drink time (if you forgot to add it right away). Press "Drink Options" to change these options.

If you make a mistake, you can swipe a drink to delete it.

That's it. Have fun and drink safely!